With countless messages bombarding us everyday, now more than ever, GREAT DESIGN is what will help YOUR BRAND MESSAGE STAND OUT.

Hello, I'm Lana Koopman. I am a professional Graphic Designer producing professional level designs for your business needs. 

With many years of experience, my design and technical knowledge can help bring your message to your customers with compelling visuals and a strong voice for your brand.

I always strive to work with integrity to serve my customers, with a professional and friendly working relationship, and aim to meet deadlines 100% of the time.

I invite you to view my work and to contact me today to learn more about how I can serve your needs.

Background -- my experience as a Graphic Designer/Production Artist has involved a range of duties from design and production of advertisements, brochures, direct mail, and marketing materials for ad agencies and in-house art departments, to developing patterns and graphics to appear on surfaces that fit within designated product specifications. 

I've worked for advertising agencies, corporations, small businesses, and individuals in full time and contract positions. I have an understanding and appreciation for deadlines, working within client brand guidelines, working as part of creative teams as well as with individuals from various backgrounds, and working independently.

Interested in working with me? Contact me and let's see how we can collaborate.